© CWAS Ltd 2019 Made with Xara Food Stocktaking Food Stocktaking Service With food becoming an ever-increasing percentage of overall sales in many establishments it is imperative that this part of the business is performing to its maximum potential. At Caterworks we use a proven plan to ensure that through regular stocktakes,the potential achievable gross profit margins are being achieved in your business. We focus on maximising your profits and optimising your control through a line by line analysis of your stock and purchases and make recommendations based on your results. We alert you to supplier increases and help with procurement and supplier negotiations if you wish. gross profit issues | regular food stocks | menu pricing and development | dish costing service | supplier negotiations | HACCP policies and compliance | allergen information  |buying & selling valuations | kitchen health & safety | kitchen design | equipment procurement The Food Stocktaking Process We conduct an opening stock count and produce a line by line report. We conduct a second count on a follow up day and produce the results on-site that for a review with your chef, management team and owners. We conduct further counts on an agreed schedule and keep your management teaminvolved and help you to increase your GP%. We can sit down with your chef and do a full costing on all the menu items to ensure targetedGP% can be achieved. We can conduct a full sales analysis on your menu highlighting items that are not selling with a view to reduce your stockholding. We can provide you with recipe and cost cards for each dish with a GP margin for each dish. We canprovide an analysis with your current supplier prices against market averages and a strategy for increasing GP margins. For more information call 07717 762 209